there was a skyness to the sky, and a nowness to the world

that he had never felt or seen or realized before

17 May
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name:   alexandra (aleex) harrysson
age:   21
ethnicity: swedish
likes:   dramas, movies, games, warmth, candylaces, romance, animated kids' movies, free things, chocolates, music, korean culture, peter pan & friends and family, of course.
dislikes:   awkward conversations & fears.
kpop people i like:   lee hyukjae (super junior), woo kevin (u-kiss), jang hyunseung (beast) & kim jonghyun, kim kibum and lee jinki (shinee)

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there's a story behind every person. there's a reason why they're the way they are. they aren't just like that because they want to or feel like it.
something in the past created them, and sometimes it's impossible to fix them.”
- unknown